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Professorship "Vascular Inflammation"

Prof. Philip Wenzel, MD

Proinflammatory Lysozyme M (LysM) positive CD11b+Gr-1+ monocytes, vascular macrophages and  CD11b+Gr-1+ neutrophils are mediators of ATII-induced vascular dysfunction and are essential for development of arterial hypertension. In the DFG project WE 4361/3-1, we persue the research topic of inflammatory myelomonocytic cells in arterial hypertension.

There is cumulating evidence, that LysM+ cells are causally involved in venous thrombus formation and embolism (VTE), and that pulmonary hypertension is paralelled or even partially mediated by inflammatory macrophages in the pulmonary vasculature. In the project IRBA2, the PhD student Melanie Schwenk mentored by Christian Becker is currently working on the role of inflammatory lymphocytes in arterial and venous thrombosis. In conjunction with these topics, additional studies in vascular biology delicated to the impact of coagulation factors of the contact phase system on vascular dysfunction will be continued.

We will use the technique of inducible ablation of inflammatory myeloid cells to study mechanisms of venous and arterial thrombosis in the mouse models of vena cava ligation and LAD-ligation.

Research interests

  • Role of inflammatory myelomonocytic cells in vascular dysfunction and venous and arterial thrombosis

  • Proinflammatory Cytokines and activation of inflammatory pathways in vascular biology

  • Interplay of coagulation factors, leukocytes and platelets in vascular dysfunction

Partners of Collaboration

  • PD Christian Becker, PhD (Dermatology, University Medical Center Mainz)

  • Professor Ari Waisman, PhD (Institute of Molecular Medicine, University Medical Center Mainz)

  • Christoph Reinhardt, PhD (CTH, University Medical Center Mainz)

  • George Reid, PhD (Institute for Molecular Biology, JGU Mainz)
  • Professor Wolfram Ruf, MD (Scripps Institute, La Jolla, USA)
  • Professor Thomas Renné, MD, PhD (Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm)

Research Funding

  • CTH TRP X12
  • Boehringer Ingelheim
  • Foundation of Pathobiochemistry and Molecular Diagnostics
  • DFG WE 4361/3-1
  • DFG WE 4361/4-1
  • DZHK

Team - Professorship 'Vascular Inflammation'

Wenzel, MD
Professor Philip Wenzel, MD
Position: Professorship 'Vascular Inflammation', Physician Cardiology I, DZHK Scientist


Karbach, MD
Susanne Karbach, MD
Position: Physician Cardiology I, Scientist
Further Information

Brandt, MD
Jan Moritz Brandt, MD
Position: Physician Cardiology I, Virchow-Fellow
Further Information

Anne-Kristin Conze
Position: Technical assistant


Hendrik Dörschmann
Position: PhD student


PhD Finger
Stefanie Finger, PhD
Position: Lab manager

Venkata Subbaiah Garlapati
Position: Graduate student


Katharina Perius
Position: Technician


Virchow Fellow

MD Molitor
Michael Molitor, MD
Position: Physician Cardiology I
Virchow Fellow, CTH


Research stay abroad

Kossmann, PhD
Sabine Kossmann, PhD
Position: Postdoctoral Researcher at Heart Research Institute, University of Sydney
Virchow Fellow
Further Information

Former team members

  • Anja Conrad, tec (Max-Delbrück-Center, Berlin)
  • Isabel Schmidgen, MD, Dermatology, University Medical Center Mainz
  • Jan Stratmann, MD, Clinic for Haematology and Oncology, University Medical Center Frankfurt
  • Daniel Minwegen, MD Neurology, University Mediacal Center Göttingen
  • Tanja Schönfelder, DVM, Max-Planck-Forschungsstelle für Neurogenetik, Frankfurt a. M. 
  • Eleni Giokoglu, MD, Clinic for Cardiology, University Medical Center Frankfurt


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Original articles

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  • Team 2011: PD Dr. Philip Wenzel, Dr. Maike Knorr und Kollegen, II. Med. Klinik und Poliklinik, Interview mit Philip Wenzel und Maike Knorr im Magazin "Circulation" vom 6. Dez. 2011 (Pdf-file, 997,0 KB)
Editorial Commentary

Under Pressure: A New Role for CD11c+ Myeloid Cells in Hypertension.
Kossmann S, Wenzel P.

Hypertension. 2018 Jan 29. pii: HYPERTENSIONAHA.117.10216. [Epub ahead of print]