Michael Rodriguez, Administration and billing

There are a few things to attend to when being admitted to the University Medical Center Mainz. You should first check-in at International Medical Services on the ground floor of building 301, rooms 0.034 – 0.036.

From there we will accompany you to the patient admissions office where your personal information will be recorded.
This data is required for the examinations, treatments and subsequent billing of the medical charges.

Our patient admission offices are located in
•    building 301 (central admission office, Mr. Rodriguez, Ground Floor, Room 0.022),
•    building 605 (Departments of Internal Medicine),
•    building 505 (Departments of Surgery),
•    building 109 (Center for Pediatric and Adolescent Medicine) as well as in
•    building 102 (Departments of Ophthalmology, Otorhinolaryngology, Obstetrics and Gynecology)

Elective (medical) services
Elective services are billed separately and include, for instance, personal treatment by the head physician of the department in question, accommodation in a single/double-bed room or accommodation of accompanying persons.
Please let us know your wishes as soon as possible. Elective services must be agreed upon in writing with the University Medical Center Mainz before they are provided. The appropriate admission contract must be signed at the patient admission office during the admission procedure.

If you are unable to handle the admission formalities in person, we ask you to authorize a family member or the person accompanying you to do so.
You will also be given our “General Terms of Contract” and the “List of Patient Charges” at the patient admissions office.
Of course, your personal information is subject to strict data privacy.
Once all formalities have been completed, you may go to your ward.