The physician in charge of your ward will decide when you are ready to be discharged. Most likely, you will be happy to return back home. Before the final interview with your physician, you should take a moment to think about any questions you might have and whether something still remains unsettled.

•    Do you know which medication to take and how often?
•    When is your next follow-up appointment?
•    Will you have to follow certain directions regarding your activities?
•    Will someone pick you up?
•    Have you checked out of the ward?

If you intend to leave the hospital against medical advice, accepting full responsibility, we must insist that you sign an appropriate waiver.

Charges / additional payments

Michael Rodriguez, administration and billing

On the day of your discharge, any balance due on your cost of treatment not covered by insurance must be paid. Please see Mr. Rodriguez at room 22 on the ground floor of building 301.