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Fachveranstaltung CTH Seminar: Daniela Carnevale: Neuroimmune Mechanisms in Hypertension

    Dr. Carnevale is Assistant Professor at the Department of Molecular Medicine of “Sapienza” University of Rome interested in the crosstalk of (Neuro)Inflammation and Cardiovascular Dysfunction.

    Please see attached document for CV and list of publications.

    Dr. Carnevale will arrive at the CTH around noon - If you want to meet her, please contact Dr. Hanne Schoene asap about when you would have time that day.


Datum Mittwoch 26. April 2017
Uhrzeit 17:00 Uhr

Building 207, Seminar Room


Dr. Daniela Carnevale

Assistant Professor at the Department of Molecular Medicine

"Sapienza" University of Rome

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Dr. Hanne Schoenen
Scientific Coordinator CTH
Center for Thrombosis and Hemostasis (CTH)
University Medical Center Mainz
Tel. : 06131 - 17 8056
Mail. :

Downloads CV_Daniela_Carnevale_feb2017__002_.pdf


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