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Fachveranstaltung MSU/FTN Seminar: Jay Gopalakrishnan: "Mechanisms of neural stem cell homeostasis in human brain organoids"

Veranstalter: Molecular Signaling Unit at the FZI

    All interested colleagues, especially students and postdocs, are strongly encouraged to use this opportunity and interact with an emerging leader in the field of brain development and microcephaly. The possibility to talk to Dr. Gopalakrishnan on the 13th of June in person will also be offered. To make an appointment, please contact Dr. Inga Melzer before the 10th of June via email ( Dr. Gopalakrishan's lab is also interested in Centrosome biology. Hosts of this event are Prof. Rajalingam, Prof. Wolfrum, and Prof. May-Simera.


    Info about Dr. Gopalakrishnan's work can be found here:


    Here is a link to his most recent paper in Cell Stem Cell about Zika Virus and Microcephaly:


    Please see attached poster!

Datum Dienstag 13. Juni 2017
Uhrzeit 16:30 Uhr

Building 708, Seminar Room 2


Dr. Jay Gopalakrishnan

Center for Molecular Medicine of the University of Cologne (CMMC)

Cologne, Germany

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Dr. Inga Maria Melzer
Scientific Administrator
AG Rajalingam
Institute for Immunology

Phone 49(0)6131-178039

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