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Fachveranstaltung FTN Seminar Series: Verdon Taylor: "Control of stem cell fate in the brain:
From niche to epigenetics"

Veranstalter: Focus Program Translational Neurosciences (FTN)

    Following the lecture, you are invited to meet with Prof. Taylor for an informal question and answer session and enjoy some wine and cheese.

    Hosts of this event are Prof. Mirko HH Schmidt, Institute of Microscopic Anatomy and Neurobiology, and Focus Program Translational Neuroscience (FTN), Johannes Gutenberg University Medical Center, Mainz (

    Please see attached information.


Datum Dienstag 17. Oktober 2017
Uhrzeit 18:00 Uhr

Building 706, Pathology Lecture Hall


Prof. Verdon Taylor

Embryology and Stem Cell Biology

Department of Biomedicine

University of Basel

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Daniela Liegel-Seitz
FTN Fellowship Coordinator
Focus Program Translational Neuroscience (FTN)
Institute for Microscopic Anatomy and Neurobiology
Phone: 06131 39 22365


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