1. What kind of medical healthcare does the University Medical Center Mainz, Germany offer?

The University Medical Center Mainz, Germany,  offers a comprehensive range of efficient and progressive medical healthcare, with special focus on:
•    Organ transplantation
Transplantation of liver, pancreas, kidneys, bone marrow and cornea
•    Immunology
•    Tumour biology, in the fields of radio-oncology, haematology, pulmonology, urology,
gastroenterology, gynaecology, otorhinolaryngology, neurosurgery, orthopedics, pediatrics
and adolescent medicine, maxillofacial and oral surgery, dermatology and general surgery
•    Cardiovascular medicine and cardiovascular surgery

2. Do I get help with administrative issues if I decide to come to the University Medical Center Mainz, Germany, as an international patient?

Yes, our work includes treatment proposals, a cost estimate, help in achieving visa, organizing translators (if necessary), appointments and accommodation and invoicing. Our team works together with the clinical directors, professors, doctors and nurses in the clinical departments. First contact is done via e-mail, fax or phone. See all contact information under: Contact Us.

3. What documents do I need to provide you with in advance or bring with me as an international patient?

The following things need to be done at home or are necessary to bring along:
•    A special visa for medical treatment in Germany (or Schengen-countries) for the patient and for all accompanying persons.
•    Latest medical documents of the patient: Please bring all your medical reports, x-rays, CT and/or MR-images.
•    If you already had a biopsy (if doctors took out a little piece of your body tissue in order to find out what type of tissue it is) you can bring samples of this tissue with you. Normally, those samples are put in panels in order to save the tissue for further analyses. Those tissue samples could be very helpful for the doctors in Germany.
•    Medicine you need to take
•    Suitable clothing and cosmetics – please keep in mind that the weather in Germany might be cool and rainy.

4. Where can I stay in Mainz if I want to accompany a patient or before/after my stay at the University Medical Center Mainz, Germany?

International patients, who come for an inpatient stay in our clinical departments, can be accompanied by a family member. This family member gets a bed in the room of the patient and receives full food service.

If a patient is on an Intensive-Care-Unit, however, an accompanying person is not allowed.
In this case a hotel accommodation is recommended. The following hotels are situated close to the University Medical Center Mainz:

•    Hotel am Römerwall (www. roemerwallhotel.de), 400 meters
•    Novotel Mainz (www.accorhotels.com/de/hotel-5407-novotel-mainz/index.shtml), 502 meters
•    Hilton Mainz and Hilton Mainz City (www.hilton.de/mainz), 1,56 kilometers
•    Favorite Parkhotel (www.favorite-mainz.de), 2,54 kilometers
•    Hyatt Regency Mainz (www.mainz.regency.hyatt.com), 2,57 kilometers

You can either make reservations online directly with the hotels using their links, via www.touristik-mainz.de (Touristik Centrale Mainz) or via International Medical Services. If you want us to do the reservation for you please provide us with the following information:

•    Arrival / departure
•    Number of persons/travellers
•    Name of travellers
•    Room category
•    Number of rooms
•    Type of meals

5. How do I get to the University Medical Center Mainz, Germany?


By plane

The Frankfurt/Main airport is some 30 km from here, and the Frankfurt-Hahn airport in the Hunsrück region is around 90 kilometers away.

There is a direct train connection from the Frankfurt/Main airport to Mainz. High-speed trains, regional trains and trams run between both cities on a regular basis. 

Timetables are available at the travel information service run by the RMV regional transport authority and Fraport and the Deutsche Bahn. 

There is an airport shuttle bus which takes you to and from the airport in Frankfurt-Hahn. The trip takes about 70 minutes.

By public transportation

Coming by train:

A current train timetable to and from the Mainz central station (‘Mainz Hauptbahnhof’) and the southern Mainz station (‘Mainz Römisches Theater’) can be found at the Deutsche Bahn.

Coming by bus:

You can take the following bus lines to reach us from the Mainz main station:

•    62 (going from Gonsenheim Wildpark to Weisenau/Friedrich-Ebert-Str.)
•    63 (going from Mombach/Am Lemmchen to Laubenheim)
•    67 (going from Mainz Hbf to Zornheim/Hahnheimer Str.)
•    71 (going from Stadecken to Landwehrweg)

Get off the bus at the stop called Universitätsmedizin.

Coming by tram:

You can take the following tram lines to reach us:

•    50 (going from Finthen/Römerquelle to Hechtsheim/Bürgerhaus)
•    51 (going from Finthen/Poststraße to Hechtsheim/Bürgerhaus)
•    52 (going from Bretzenheim/Bahnstraße to Hechtsheim/Am Schinnergraben)

Get off the tram at the stop called "Gautor".

Detailed information about busses and trams is available (in German only) on the Web site of the Mainz transit system (www.mvg-mainz.de).

By car

At the motorway intersection labeled Mainz-Süd (A60/A63), proceed towards the center of town ("Zentrum") and follow the signs that say ‘Universitätskliniken’.


Get directions using Google's free map program:
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