Hotel accommodation


International patients, who come for an inpatient stay in our clinical departments, can be accompanied by a family member. This family member gets a bed in the room of the patient and receives full food service.

If a patient is on an Intensive-Care-Unit, however, an accompanying person is not allowed. In this case a hotel accommodation is recommended. The following hotels are situated close to the University Medical Center Mainz, Germany.




You can either make reservations online directly with the hotels using their links, via (Touristik Centrale Mainz, Germany) or via the international office. If you want us to do the reservation for you please provide us with the following information:

•    Arrival / departure
•    Number of persons/travellers
•    Name of travellers
•    Room category
•    Number of rooms
•    Type of meals

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Acting Head
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Marion Steinhauser
Case Management
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