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Interactions of adaptive and innate lymphocytes (Gasteiger Laboratory)



Current Research

Innate lymphocytes, including natural killer cells (NK) and recently discovered novel subsets of innate lymphoid cells (ILC) exert key functions in coordinating local immune responses, including the killing of infected cells, the production of hallmark cytokines that orchestrate immune responses, and the secretion of tissue-protective factors. Innate lymphocytes respond rapidly to environmental cues without the need for further differentiation. The ease of activation needs to be balanced by stringent control mechanisms because excessive activation of innate lymphocytes contributes to a loss of tissue function and facilitates inflammatory processes as well as the exacerbation of infection-associated pathologies.


The cellular interactions and the molecular mechanisms governing the regulation and activation of innate lymphocytes are therefore highly relevant for a broad range of physiologic and pathologic immune responses. Current research has largely focused on the role of innate cytokines and alarmins for the homeostasis and function of innate lymphocytes. In addition to their innate effector functions, ILC and NK cells have been found to participate in shaping and regulating adaptive immune responses. Whether the adaptive immune system may in turn contribute to the control of innate lymphocyte function and homeostasis is largely unknown. During our recent work, we have identified novel regulatory interactions between cells of the adaptive immune system and innate lymphocytes mediated by the “adaptive” cytokine IL-2. Our goal is now to determine the cellular mechanisms and the physiological relevance of these interactions using clinically relevant disease models. We are investigating additional pathways through which adaptive and innate lymphocytes may interact, as well as their potential therapeutic implications. Our aim is to understand the context-dependent physiological and pathological functions of innate lymphocytes for immune homeostasis as well as infectious and inflammatory diseases.




Lab Members

Dr. rer. nat. Friedrich
Dr. rer. nat. Christin Friedrich
Function: Postdoc


Sabine Füser
Function: Lab Technician

17-9082 Labor

OA Dr. med. Gasteiger
OA Dr. med. Georg Gasteiger
Function: Principal Investigator

Labor: 06131 / 17-9082 Office: 06131 / 17-9011
06131 / 17-9234

Christian Hessel
Function: Ph.D. Student

17-9082 Labor

Dr. rer. nat Lukas
Dr. rer. nat Dominika Lukas
Function: Postdoc

17-9082 Labor


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