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AG Kurschus


Our group is interested in the development and regulation of inflammatory processes in autoimmunity. Our animal models are experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis (EAE) as model for multiple sclerosis (MS) and Imiquimod-induced dermatitis as model for psoriasis. We are interested in pro-and anti-inflammatory mechanisms of the cytokines IL-17, IFN-γ and IL-22 and how pathogenic T cells develop and are regulated. We use for our experiments genetically modified mice with conditional gene deletion or overexpression. Furthermore, we work with human samples and patient material. Our methods are largely immunological in vivo and in vitro methods. Flow cytometry plays a major role for our experiments for cell analysis and sorting.


EBI2: One of our major projects is to define the impact of the G-protein coupled receptor EBI2 in inflammation and its implications for the human immune system especially in MS or psoriasis.

IL-17 signaling in the skin: In this project we analyze which cells in the skin need to respond to IL-17 to combat S. aureus infections and which impact this signaling has on the regulation of IL-17-expressing γδ-T cells and Th17 cells in the skin.

PI3K-AKT: In this project we investigate the impact of phosphoinositide 3-kinase (PI3K) and of protein kinase B (AKT) on T cell development and on autoimmunity.

RORγt: In a collaborative project with Phenex Pharmaceuticals AG we work with small molecule drugs antagonizing the TH17 pathway and test their impact in the psoriasis mouse model.

In this project we are interested in the regulation of IL-22BP in dendritic cells in inflammatory setting and work with human cells and mouse models in this context.


Research group members

Dr. rer. nat. Kurschus
Dr. rer. nat. Florian Kurschus
Funktionen: Group leader

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Sonja Moos


Stefanos Voglis



  • André Heinen (Technician and Bachelor thesis)
  • Morad Zayoud (MD thesis)
  •  Khalifa El-Malki (MD thesis)
  • Daniele Ielo (PhD)
  • Sarah Kehr (Bachelor thesis)