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Katja Weckmann, MSc

Postdoctoral researcher 
Phone +49 6131 39 25922
Fax 39 24743 

Research experience

PostDoc - Institute of Pathobiochemistry, University Medical Center Mainz
2016 – present

PhD student - Max Planck Institute of Psychiatry, Research Group: Proteomics and Biomarkers, Munich
2012 - 2016
Thesis: Ketamine’s fast antidepressant drug response: Biosignatures and pathways
Supervisor: Prof. Dr. C. W. Turck

Diploma student - Institute for Molecular Biosciences at Goethe University, Frankfurt/Main
Thesis: The biological regulation of the Lon protease in P. anserina
Supervisor: Prof. Dr. H. D. Osiewacz

Student assistant/internship - Goethe University, Frankfurt/Main
2008 - 2009
Different laboratories and supervisors


University education

Goethe University, Frankfurt/Main
2005 - 2010
Diploma in Biology

Specialized scientific methods and techniques

• Proteomics including the identification, characterization and quantification of proteins  with mass spectrometry
• Metabolomics and proteomic data analyses
• Transformation of P.anserina
• Isolation of mitochondria
• Respiration measurements with Oroboros
• Fluorescence microscopy
• Multi-Epitope Ligand Cartography (MELC) technology

Standard methods and techniques

• DNA: DNA isolation, Southern Blot
• RNA: RNA isolation, PCR, quantitative RT-PCR
• Proteins: Protein isolation, Western Blot, “OxyBlot”, 1D and 2D SDS-Page electrophoresis
• FITC-labeling of antibodies
• Cell culture: HeLa cells, primary hippocampal neurons
• Cloning in E.coli


Weckmann K, Labermaier C, Asara JM, Müller MB, Turck CW (2014) Time-dependent metabolomic profiling of Ketamine drug action reveals hippocampal pathway alterations and biomarker candidates. Transl Psychiatry. 4:e481.

Honours and Awards

Mifek-Kirschner award, Max Planck Institute of Psychiatry, Munich

PRIME-XS, a European Union funded access to an infrastructure of state-of-the-art proteomics technology. Collaboration with the PRIME-XS access site of Cambridge Centre for Proteomics, Cambridge, UK

2012 - 2016
PhD Fellowship: International Max Planck Research School for Molecular and Cellular Life Sciences: From Biology to Medicine (IMPRS-LS)