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The inter-individual differences in the expression and activity of CYP3A

The CYP3A enzymes play a central role in the metabolism of drugs and environmental toxins due to their abundance in the liver and gut combined with their wide substrate spectrum. Drugs metabolized by CYP3A exhibit great pharmacokinetic variability, which has been attributed to significant differences in hepatic and intestinal CYP3A expression observed in the general population. The same variability has been postulated to affect an individual’s predisposition to cancers caused by toxins that are CYP3A substrates. Most of the inter-individual differences in CYP3A expression are presumably caused by genetic factors, but their identity remains unknown. In addition to CYP3A, we investigate the functional relevance of genetic variants in other drug metabolizing cytochrome P450s.

Optimization of therapies with anthracyclines

Anthracyclines are well established as highly efficacious antineoplastic agents for various haematopoietic and solid tumours. The wide variation in the individual sensitivity to anthracyclines suggests the presence of a genetic component. We recently identified risk genes for anthracycline-induced heart failure. Current work focuses on the verification of these findings in animal studies and on the elecidation of the apoptotic mechanisms of anthracyclines.



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