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Quantum chemistry solves the mystery of why there are these 20 amino acids in the genetic code

Publication in PNAS provides an answer to an old and fundamental question of biochemistry


Method of accelerating the maturation of stem cells to form neurons discovered

Hydrogel can be used as a scaffold for engineering artificial brain tissue and promotes the development of neurons


Horizon 2020: EUR 1,8 million for Mainz researchers

EU research and innovation framework program will fund three research projects at the Mainz University Medical Center


New treatment options for non-alcoholic fatty liver disease

Joint research initiative of the Mainz University Medical Center, Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz, and Goethe University Frankfurt


Consolidation of data sources allows for new research and treatment approaches in medicine

Mainz University Medical Center is part of a digitalization project funded to the amount of some EUR 32 million by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research


Nature Publication Reports Favorable Clinical Trial Results of BioNTech's Individualized Cancer Vaccine IVAC® MUTANOME

First-ever clinical study demonstrates personalized RNA-based vaccine using mutant neo-epitopes as antigens activates immune system against individual mutations and exerts anti-cancer activity


Funding of DFG Collaborative Research Center developing nanomaterials for cancer immunotherapy extended

Focus on the development of drug carriers from polymer chemicals for use in biological systems


The swollen colon – cause of chronic inflammation discovered

Immune biology homes in on gene blockade


Multiple sclerosis research identifies receptor that facilitates influx of T cells into the brain

Researchers at the Mainz University Medical Center have discovered a mechanism that makes it easier for T cells to damage the brain


The influence of stimulants on performance when playing chess

Trial undertaken by the Mainz University Medical Center investigates cognitive enhancement in chess players


Breakthrough in noise research

New study of cardiology of Mainz University identifies mechanisms responsible for vessel damage resulting from aircraft noise


Interactive micro-implants to regulate digestion

Mainz University Medical Center and Fraunhofer Institute to set up a joint research project to develop a support system for the digestive tract


Ari Waisman receives most prestigious European prize for MS research

Sobek Prize for groundbreaking research on multiple sclerosis


German Research Foundation extends funding for basic research in the neurosciences

Collaborative Research Center 1080 on "Molecular and cellular mechanisms of neuronal homeostasis" is to be financed for a further four years


University Medical Center of Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz Announces Novel Phase II TrialCombining DCVax®-L and Pembrolizumab for Resectable Colorectal Cancer Liver Metastases

The University Medical Center (UMC) of the Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz is starting a new multi-center, Phase II clinical trial program evaluating DCVax®-L in combination with an anti–PD-1 monoclonal antibody...


Level of education is more decisive than intelligence for the development of short-sightedness

Mainz University Medical Center examines the link between myopia and cognitive abilities


Endocrine cells in the brain influence the optimization of behavior

German Resilience Center presents new findings on the resistance to stress


Scientists in Mainz develop a novel method to benchmark and improve the performance of protein measurement techniques

Quantum leap in the reliability of mass spectrometry-based proteomics


New treatment approach for leukemia renders cancer genes powerless

Cancer researcher from Mainz develops targeted epigenetic approach for the treatment of aggressive forms of leukemia


Mainz researchers lay the foundation for innovative treatment of multiple sclerosis

Inhibition of the protein kinase CK2 prevents the development of auto-aggressive T cells

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