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Academic Writing

This Workshop is offered in cooperation with the Center for Quality Assurance and Development of the Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz.

Course description

Nowadays success in science involves publishing articles in international journals in English. The English you learned at school is not sufficient; you need to master the formal English required for scientific and academic texts. The objective of this workshop is to improve your ability to produce clear, precise and readable academic texts. During the workshop you will work on a piece of scientific writing you have written and will receive individual correction and feedback from the instructor per email after the workshop.

Target audience, number of participants

Doctoral students, researchers, and faculty members in all disciplines.
Maximum number of participants: 12


  • Conventions and features of academic writing
  • Improving writing style
  • Editing and improving drafts by participants and instructor
  • Useful phrases

Learning results

Participants will leave the workshop with a "toolbox" for scientific/academic writing, a phrasebank of useful expressions and an edited/poofread text.
Participants will...

  • have acquired better awareness of their strengths and weaknesses
  • have conducted a peer review and received feedback on their text sample
  • have acquired a "toolbox" of tips and resources for academic writing


The workshop includes preparation work (reading “Writing the Empirical Journal Article by Daryl J. Bem), which you will be sent beforehand. Please draw up a list of at least 10 elements that you find interesting and relevant for your writing. Although the article was originally intended for psychologists, it is relevant and interesting (and entertaining to read) for all disciplines.

Please also bring a sample of your writing to the workshop – an excerpt from a scientific paper (approx. 1 A4 page) you have written that has not been edited by colleagues.


Next workshop: to be announced