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The ultimate aim of the UCT Mainz is to provide an innovative platform to transfer findings in basic research to clinical cancer programs finally resulting in improved clinical care of cancer patients treated at the UCT and its cancer network. To achieve this, the UCT Mainz has established four Core Research Program. Well-structured liquid and tissue tumor banks, a comprehensive Clinical Cancer Registry and a Central Clinical Trials Unit represent Integral Facilities within the UCT Mainz to generate an efficient nexus between scientific Research Programs and patient care. Finally, excellent entity-specific Clinical Cancer Programs guarantee state-of-the-art patient care as well as the development of innovative clinical trials and research strategies.

To increase the numbers of clinician-scientists, an UCT Research Training Program embedded into the preexisting TransMed Graduate School Program has been established. Cancer research has been substantially stimulated by several professorships related to the field of cancer research. The UCT Mainz is partner site within the DKTK and is involved in several of its programs and joint funding projects with national and international partners.

Ansprechpartner im UCT

Dr. Inga Melzer
Wissenschaftliche Koordinatorin
Tel. 06131 17-5999 






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