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Welcome to the Nephrology in Mainz where the Patient takes center stage.
We take care of patients with all kind of kidney diseases including acute and chronic inflammation, drug induced, metabolic and congenital reasons.
Our service is divided into two sections, an outpatient clinic on the one hand and a specialized nephrology ward on the other hand, where an interdisciplinary team of expert nurses, nephrologists and surgeons are taking care for severely ill patients.
Dialysis and other forms of blood purification systems (plasmafiltration, immunadsorption, liver support systems) are offered for patients with acute and chronic diseases.
Our study center provides access to clinical trials which investigate a wide range of kidney diseases.  
Renal transplantation is performed as an interdisciplinary program of surgeons and nephrologists.
We uphold a firm cooperation with our surrounding colleges in the dialysis and nephrology centers.
Please contact us for further information.
Our mission is your health.