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Konstanze Winklhofer, MD, PhD


Professor and Chair of Molecular Cell Biology
Ruhr University Bochum, Germany 


The Winklhofer lab is interested in cellular quality control and stress response pathways implicated in the maintenance of neuronal viability and homeostasis. By studying the function and dysfunction of genes associated with neurodegenerative diseases the lab aims at identifying key neuroprotective pathways that can be targeted for disease-modifying strategies. From these studies it emerged that several Parkinson's disease-associated genes converge to maintain mitochondrial integrity by modulating mitochondrial stress response and quality control pathways. Another research focus are the causes and consequences of protein misfolding and the regulation of the proteostasis network. In this context, the role of linkage-specific ubiquitination at the interface between protein quality control and innate immune signaling is investigated.

The Winklhofer Lab

Selected workshop-related publications

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Selected Reviews

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