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Junior group 'Clinical and translational research in VTE'

Dr. Stefano Barco

Group leader

Medicine based on the evidence generated by randomized clinical trials is considered the gold standard in contemporary patient care. However, trials are not always the most appropriate or feasible way to address important open issues in thrombosis and hemostasis. These include the study of ´unusual´ inflammatory thrombotic diseases, long-term outcomes after venous thromboembolism (VTE), and anticoagulant-associated (bleeding) complications. In addition, new potential antithrombotic strategies and recently defined determinants of disease, such as the effects of diet and gut microbiota on thrombosis risk, are novel areas still poorly investigated and require clinical translation.

The Junior group Clinical and Early Translational Research in Venous Thromboembolism aims to expand the clinical research spectrum of the CTH and complement the Clinical Trial Professorship by setting up a working group able to host clinical research on acute VTE and anticoagulant treatment. The scientific goal of the group will be to focus on the pathophysiology and treatment of rare inflammatory (pro)thrombotic conditions as well as late VTE and anticoagulant-cassociated complications. Methodological aims will be the implementation of multistate modelling for more comprehensive time-to-event analyses and interventional studies in early clinical translation in humans adopting surrogate outcomes for confirming hypotheses generated in the CTH laboratory setting.

Research interest

  • Pathophysiology and treatment of rare inflammatory (pro)thrombotic conditions, such as Lemierre syndrome 
  • Late complications of acute pulmonary embolism and major bleeding
  • Interventional early translational studies in humans 

International collaboration partners

  • W. Ageno and F. Dentali (Varese, Italy)
  • M. Di Nisio (Chieti, Italy)
  • M. Huisman and F.A. Klok (Leiden, the Netherlands)
  • S. Middeldorp and M. Coppens, M. Serlie (Amsterdam, the Netherlands)
  • M. Monreal (Barcelona, Spain)
  • C. Ambaglio and A. Pecci (Pavia, Italy)
  • M. Righini (Geneve, Switzerland)
  • G. Meyer (Paris, France)

Research funding

  • BMBF (CTH, 01EO1503)

Team - Junior group 'Clinical and translational research in VTE'

MD, PhD Barco
Stefano Barco, MD, PhD
Position: Guest scientist

06131 17-8251
06131 17-8461

Curriculum Vitae (Pdf-file, 109,5 KB)



MD Valerio
Luca Valerio, MD
Position: Postdoctoral Fellow

06131 17-7490

  • Marius Jankowski (MD student)
  • Sarah Krutmann (MD student)
  • Svenja Otten (HiWi)

Selected original articles

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  • * indicates equal contribution of the authors

Selected reviews

  • Valerio L, Corsi G, Sebastian T, Barco S. Lemierre syndrome: Current evidence and rationale of the Bacteria-Associated Thrombosis, Thrombophlebitis and LEmierre syndrome (BATTLE) registry. Thromb Res 2020;196:494-499.

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