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Junior group 'Clinical Epidemiology'

Jürgen Prochaska, MD

Junior group leader

The research group "Thrombotic diseases and antithrombotic therapy" is integrated in the Clinical Epidemiology of the CTH as an independent BMBF-funded junior research group investigating clinically-relevant research topics in the field of arterial and venous thrombosis. Biodata banks of population-based (Gutenberg Health Study) and diseased cohorts (thrombEVAL, VTEval, FOCUS Bioseq, MyoVasc, Prospectus) are investigated in a holistic approach incorporating genetic information, ´omics´ data, (sub)clinical phenotypes and clinical outcome.

The scientific working program investigates risk factors for the development of thrombotic diseases in the arterial and venous system and their sequelae, in particular heart failure. A specific focus is the investigation of subclinical phenotypes of cardiovascular disease, which are of particular interest for preventive medicine. These studies are complemented by research projects addressing diagnosis, therapy and prevention of thrombotic diseases.

Research interest

  • Diagnosis, therapy and prevention of thrombotic diseases and its sequelae
  • Interaction between hemostasis and the development and progression of the heart failure syndrome
  • Cross-talk of venous diseases and arterial cardiovascular disease

Partners of collaboration

Intramural partners

  • Dr. Christian Becker, PhD – CTH
  • Professor Espinola-Klein, MD – Center for Cardiology, Dpt. of Angiology
  • Professor Stavros Konstantinides, MD, PhD and Dr. Mareike Lankeit, MD – Clinical Studies, CTH
  • Professor Karl Lackner, MD – Institute for Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine
  • Professor Thomas Münzel, MD – Center for Cardiology
  • Dr. Marina Panova-Noeva, MD, PhD, MSc – Junior Group Clinical Platelet Epidemiology, CTH
  • Professor Philipp Wild, MD, MSc – Clinical Epidemiology, CTH

National partners

  • Prof. Dr. S. Bode-Böger, University Hospital Magdeburg

International partners

  • Professor Hugo ten Cate, MD, PhD and Dr. Henri Spronk, PhD – CARIM Maastricht, Netherlands
  • Prof. Dr. Carolyn S. Lam, National Heart Center Singapore

Research funding

  • Federal Ministry of Education and Research (CTH, 01EO1503)

Team - Junior group Clinical Epidemiology

 Jürgen Prochaska, MD
Jürgen Prochaska, MD

Junior group leader

Deputy Head Preventive Cardiology and Medical Prevention, Senior Physician Cardiology I


06131 17-2594

Further Information

Vincent ten Cate, M.Sc. – PhD

Tanja Eichkorn – MD student

Andrea Falcke – MD student

Steffen Heltsche – MD student

Paul Ludolph – MD student

Felix Müller – MD student

Judith Plöger – MD student

Johanna Rauchfuß – MD student

 cand. med. Jannis Franz -  MD student

cand. med. Matthias Grosch -  MD student

cand. med. Sophie Moll -  MD student


Data Management (Clinical Epidemiology)

Karen Buchtal (Prospectus study), Stefanie Kurz (MyoVasc)

Heidrun Lamparter (thrombEVAL/VTEval),  Bianca Zäpf (FOCUS Bioseq)

Dr. Dagmar Laubert-Reh (Gutenberg-Health-Study)


Statistics (Clinical Epidemiology)

Markus Nagler (thrombEVAL, VTEval, FOCUS Bioseq, Prospectus)

Andreas Schulz (GHS, MyoVasc)


Original articles