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Alexander von Humboldt-Professorship

Professor Wolfram Ruf, MD
Professorship for Cell Signaling Pathways of the Hemostatic System

The hemostatic system is comprised of the coagulation and fibrinolytic protease cascades, platelets, and cellular receptors on immune and vascular cells. The hemostatic response to infection and tissue injury supports inflammatory and immune reactions, but the coagulation pathways are increasingly recognized as major players and molecular targets for interventional therapy in cancer progression, atherosclerosis, chronic inflammatory disorders, and the metabolic syndrome associated with obesity. We are interested in the crosstalk of coagulation and inflammation and study contributions of inflammatory processes to the initiation of coagulation by tissue factor (TF). Our research also broadly addresses open question related to the roles of TF and coagulation protease signaling networks in the integration and modulation of inflammatory stimuli in immune cells. We are interested in the control of macrophage phenotypes by coagulation proteases and their receptors in chronic inflammation and use novel genetic mouse models that selectively delete or alter signaling specificity of components of the hemostatic system in innate immune cell populations. This genetic platform is employed in combination with transcriptional and proteomics approaches for generating fundamentally novel insights into cellular and molecular connections between coagulation and inflammation. We are interested in translational research that deciphers molecular mechanisms of diseases of the cardiovascular system and evaluates clinically relevant interventional proof-of-principle molecular probes in disease models.

Research Interests

  • Molecular mechanisms of prothrombotic activation of TF
  • Coagulation protease signaling in myelo-monocytic cells
  • Protease activated receptor (PAR) signaling specificity in inflammation
  • Crosstalk of the hemostatic system with tumor progression and angiogenesis

Third party funding

  • Alexander von Humboldt Foundation
  • BMBF (CTH TRP X6, X7)
  • SFB 1292, TP02 & TP10
  • Boehringer Ingelheim Foundation
  • DZHK


Ruf, MD
Professor Wolfram Ruf, MD
Position: Scientific Director CTH, Alexander von Humboldt-Professorship "Experimental Hemostasiology", Deputy Speaker of CTH, Deputy Speaker of CTVB, Principal Investigator DZHK

06131 17-8222
06131 17-3456

PhD Battermann (née Schoenen)
Hanne Battermann (née Schoenen), PhD
Position: Scientific Coordination CTH

06131 17-8056

Giusy Carlino
Position: Technical Assistant

06131 17-8028

PhD Dörr
Angela Dörr, PhD
Position: Post Doc, Virchow Fellow

06131 17-8028

PD Claudine Graf, MD PhD
Position: Junior group leader
Physician UCT Mainz
Qualifications: Specialist in Internal Medicine, Hematology and Oncology, Additional qualification: Palliative Care, Hemostaseology

06131 17-8014 (Office) bzw. -8027 (Lab)

Kristin Grunz
Position: PhD student

06131 17-8021
06131 17-8047

Dilraj Kaur
Position: PhD student

06131 17-8018

Trisha Lahiri
Position: PhD student

Thanh Son Nguyen
Position: PhD student

06131 17-8021
06131 17-8047

Dr. Nourse
Cathrin Nourse, Dr.
Position: Scientific Coordination CTH

06131 17-8056

Sven Pagel
Position: PhD student

06131 17-8021
06131 17-8047

Jennifer Pott
Position: PhD student


Sabine Reyda
Position: Research Coordinator

06131 17-8048

Rodrigues (geb. Santos)
Carina Rodrigues (geb. Santos)
Position: PhD student

06131 17-8021
06131 17-8047

Madhusudhan Thati, PhD
Position: Post Doc

06131 17-8014

Petra Wilgenbus
Position: Technician

06131 17-8028

Claudius Witzler
Position: PhD student

06131 17-8018

Romina Wolz
Position: PhD student

06131 17-8018

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Relevant selected publications

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Professor Wolfram Ruf, MD
receives Alexander von Humboldt Professorship - awarded by the Federal Minister of Research Prof. Wanka in Berlin