Data Collection With the Gutenberg COVID-19 App


Starting with the first visit of the study center, the Gutenberg COVID-19 App will continuously monitor the health status of the participants over a period of up to eight months.


Please note: The Gutenberg COVID-19 App does not replace the Corona Warn App of the Robert Koch Institute.

 When using the app for the first time, participants will receive questions on the following topics:

  • Current complains
  • Specific questions about SARS-CoV2 / COVID-19 (e.g. test results, travel; contacts)
  • Social situation and lifestyle

In further surveys by the app, the participants are asked

  • to indicate current complaints and
  • to answer specific questions about SARS-CoV2/COVID-19

If there is no infection with the coronavirus or COVID-19 similar symptoms, the app will contact the participants once a week. If a participant reports an infection or the appearance of COVID-19-like symptoms, the app will contact them every other day until there are no more signs of acute infection.


If the participant does not have a smartphone or cannot install the app on the smartphone for other reasons, participation in the Gutenberg COVID-19 study is still possible.


The app is connected to the Gutenberg Health-Hub (GHH), an institution for the promotion of digitalization in medicine, which is part of the University Medical School of Johannes Gutenberg University.


More information about the Gutenberg Health-Hub: