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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions


Can I volunteer to participate in the study?

Study participation requires that we specifically ask you via mail to participate, as specific requirements must be met. Further information on study participants can be found here.

Are only individuals with Post-COVID-like symptoms screened?

Participation in the study is independent of whether Post-COVID-like symptoms are present or not.

What are the benefits of participating in a study?

If you participate in a study, you will be comprehensively examined in regard to potential late effects after a SARS-CoV-2 infection. A physician will discuss the findings of the examination with you and you will receive a detailed final report. If necessary, more in-depth specialist examinations will take place in one of the participating specialist clinics. 

By participating in the Gutenberg Post-COVID Study, you will contribute to a better understanding of the extent and clinical picture of Post-COVID Syndrome, which has been insufficiently researched to date, and thus make a valuable contribution to appropriate patient care for Post-COVID sufferers.

Where do the examinations take place?

All examinations are performed at the University Medical Center Mainz. Aside from the MRI, the two-day screening examination is performed at the Preventive Cardiology and Medical Prevention Unit of the Center for Cardiology (see Contact and directions). The in-depth specialist examinations take place in the individual specialist clinics (see adresses/location plan in-depth examinations).

What do I have to bring for the examinations?

Please bring the pre-filled questionnaire and comply with the current valid regulations for access to the University Medical Center Mainz due to the COVID-19 pandemic.