Visual Universitätsmedizin Mainz

For our tasks, we mainly use R and Bioconductor software packages.

We have developed the following software packages as part of our research:

  • pcaExplorer (, “Interactive Visualization of RNA-seq Data Using a Principal Components Approach”,

  • ideal (, “Interactive Differential Expression AnaLysis”,

  • GeneTonic (, “GeneTonic: an R/Bioconductor package for streamlining the interpretation of RNA-seq data”,

  • iSEE (, “iSEE: Interactive SummarizedExperiment Explorer”,

  • iSEEu  (, “The iSEE Universe”

  • simrec  (, “Simulating Recurrent Event Data with Hazard Functions Defined on a Total Time Scale”,

  • annoFuse (, “annoFuse: an R Package to annotate, prioritize, and interactively explore putative oncogenic RNA fusions”,

  • TREND-DB (, “TREND-DB—a transcriptome-wide atlas of the dynamic landscape of alternative polyadenylation”,

  • netmeta (, “A graphical tool for locating inconsistency in network meta-analyses”,

  • SteppedPower (, “Power Calculation for Stepped Wedge Designs”

  • Rhineland-Palatinate Mortality Monitoring,  

  • Genehunter-Imprinting

  • Genehunter-Modscore

  • Genehunter-Twolocus