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What is epidemiology?


Epidemiology is the science that examines the causes and distribution of diseases from a population-based perspective. This includes influencing factors on the disease rates, and the disease and disability distribution in the population. The selection of topics includes health promotion, disease prevention and the evaluation of public health systems, all of which are investigated using epidemiological methods.


Epidemiology examines the distribution and influencing factors of health-related conditions or outcomes in a population and uses the resulting findings to manage health problems.

After completing the programme, students are in a position to successfully analyse health challenges on a national and international level as well as to plan and conduct studies and then implement the results.

Career opportunities

Graduates of the master’s programme have the following possibilities open to them:

Management positions in research, programme manager, clinical trial management and research assistant in universities, health institutions federal government departments, national, state and local government offices as well as private companies.