Dear Patients,

Welcome to the University Medical Center of the Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz, Germany!

The University Medical Center of the Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz - the fifth largest university in Germany - is located in the center of the state capital Mainz, at the western border of the metropolitan Rhine-Main Region. This means that it is only thirty minutes away from Frankfurt Airport, one of the most important airports in the world and the biggest one in Germany.

As the only University Medical Center in the state of Rhineland-Palatinate we offer healthcare to the highest university standard. In addition, we do not only provide medical treatment - the University Medical Center Mainz is an outstanding research center and a well-established institution of medical education as well. These three pillars of medicine – clinical healthcare, medical education and medical research - are inextricably interwoven. Our patients always receive the best healthcare through the implementation of the most advanced diagnostic and therapeutic methods, all founded on knowledge from cutting-edge medical research.

Working together in exemplary interdisciplinary fashion, Mainz University Medical Center comprises more than fifty clinical departments, institutes and divisions plus two facilities providing central healthcare services – the pharmacy and the blood transfusion center – and operates over 1,600 hospital beds.

Every year, more than 62,000 patients are treated on an inpatient basis, and approx. 220,000 as out-patients - both from Germany and from abroad. More than 1,000 doctors and 1,900 nurses look after the health, recovery, and general wellbeing of our patients, implementing highly professional and well-established procedures, thereby integrating the patient as a fully responsible partner in all healthcare processes.
By applying our scientific knowledge and long-standing experience in medical healthcare within modern facilities, we are always keen to help patients in the best possible way – according to our motto: Our Expertise for Your Health!


The Executive Board