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Welcome to the 7th International Workshop on CMV and Immunosenescence

November 08 – November 10, 2018

Host-specific cytomegaloviruses (CMVs) and their corresponding hosts have co-speciated during eons of co-evolution adapting to each other for establishing ‘checks and balances’ resulting in viral latency characterized by absence of virus production. Accordingly, CMVs of different host species have acquired different sets of ‘private genes’ involved in modulating intrinsic, innate, and adaptive defense mechanisms of their respective host, and hosts, in turn, have found counterstrategies to keep their specific CMV in check despite viral immune evasion strategies. As a result, CMVs do not cause disease as long as the balance is not broken by immunocompromising conditions.

In the elderly, ‘checks and balances’ get out of order in that CMV gene expression during viral latency drives an accumulation of virus-specific, non-exhaused, but functional CD8 effector-memory T cells, a phenomenon known as ‘memory inflation’. Allocation of significant resources of the immune response to a single viral pathogen, increasing with age, bears a risk of ‘immunosenescence’ with respect to the host’s capacity to fight other life-threatening pathogens as well as tumors, and can shoot down vaccine efficacy.

In this workshop, a faculty of internationally renowned experts, clinicians and basic scientists, come together to discuss mechanisms of CMV-associated `immunosenescence´ trying to understand why the host pays such an attention to a single and seemingly less harmful pathogen.

Matthias. J. Reddehase

Chair of the Workshop

Director of the Institute for Virology


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An article summarizing the results of the workshop will be published by the journal:

Immunity & Ageing (Springer)

Janko Nikolich-Zugich has agreed to organize this paper as corresponding author.


SPECIAL ISSUE “Immunosenescence Associated with Chronic Infections” of the journal

Medical Microbiology and Immunology (Springer)

Scheduled as issue no. 3 (June), 2019

Overview speakers are strongly expected to contribute an article in the format REVIEW, related to their talk during the workshop, but not being obliged to disclose confidential data presented at the workshop.

Other attendies are invited also to submit manuscripts in the formats REVIEW or ORIGINAL INVESTIGATION.

All manuscripts must pass Peer Review.