Dr. Malvika Pompaiah


I was born in a city called Bangalore. Bangalore is located in South India and is the capital of Karnataka. I completed my Bachelor in Science from Bangalore. After completing my Bachelor, I moved to Sydney, Australia and did my Master in Applied Science from the University of Western Sydney.

During my Master studies I decided to shift my focus of research from fermentation technology to infection related diseases. I was fortunate and got accepted for my PhD at the Max Planck Institute for Infection Biology, Berlin. During my PhD I focused my work on Helicobacter pylori, a pathogen known to cause stomach cancer. In November 2015, I joined the group of Dr. Sina Bartfeld as a post-doctoral researcher and lab manager at the Institute of Molecular Infection Biology, University of Würzburg, I acquired substantial knowledge and experience by establishing and optimizing the organoid pipeline for stomach and intestine (murine and human). We started to establish a living biobank of healthy and diseased tissue from the patients. Also, using organoids from healthy patients I studied pathogenesis of H. pylori, the project aimed to identify functional insights that contribute to carcinogenesis. Working on a collaboration project and using single cell RNA technology, we identified that H. pylori has a great affinity to a subtype of epithelial pit cells which was not known previously. Since August 2018, I joined Prof. Krishnaraj Rajalingam's group as a Postdoctoral Fellow.

Professional Appointments