FTN/TransMed Fellowships

The Focus Program Translational Neurosciences (FTN) in cooperation with TransMed supports young  postgraduates of natural sciences with a four-year scholarship.

On the following pages you can find all information about

Rules for collecting credit points (CPs) within the FTN/TransMed Fellowship Program:

For participants with an “old” FTN contract:

Dr. rer. nat. candidates: You can decide if you want to collect 30 CPs
PhD candidates: collection of 30 CPs is mandatory

For participants with a “new” FTN/TransMed contract (starting from May 2020):

Dr. rer. nat. and PhD candidates: collection of 30 CPs is mandatory

All candidates (PhD and Dr. rer. nat.) receive a certificate for their successful participation in the TransMed Training Program. It is the responsibility of each fellow to take care of the certification of the attended lectures, courses and conferences ( template (Pdf , 90,3 KB)  (90 KB)).

Within the FTN/TransMed Fellowship Program you can still either obtain a “PhD in Translational Biomedicine” or a “Dr. rer. nat.” degree.