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Telemedicine in Pediatric Surgery – the Mainz model (MATS = Mainz-Tele-Surgery)

Welcome to the webpages of MATS (Mainz-Tele-Surgery). MATS is our international telemedical consulting platform of the Department of Pediatric Surgery and the Institute of Medical Biostatistics, Epidemiology and Informatics (IMBEI) of the University Medical Center Mainz.


Our service is free for the  following target groups:


  • patients / parents who have already been treated in our Department of Pediatric Surgery and who express interest in scheduling telemedical follow-up

  • national and international patients / parents who have never been treated in our department before and who are looking for specific advice on a pediatric surgical problem of one of their children or family members.

  • national and international patients / parents seeking a second opinion on a pediatric surgical issue

  • physicians of all disciplines who are looking for a pediatric surgical consultation


If your child has an emergency problem, please visit the next local pediatric emergency center available. In this situation, telemedicine consultation is not possible and may cause delays in treatment.


In addition to the general advice / follow up care, we also offer various "special consultation hours" telemedically upon request.


Our telemedical team consists of all members of our pediatric surgical team.  If necessary, national and international experts can be consulted from our network as well..


Your data will be advised and documented only under strict consideration of data protection and medical confidentiality.


Please do not hesitate to contact us. For many pediatric surgical questions, we have already shown that telemedical counseling or follow up care is a  high-quality and safe alternative that confers  a high level of satisfaction on the patient and physician side.

Registrations are possible around the clock and also at the weekend. A consultation or follow up care takes place from Monday - Friday. We will make every effort respond promptly!


To make an appointment please contact us:


We look forward to interacting with you!


Your team of the Pediatric Surgery Department of the University Medical Center Mainz