Visual Universitätsmedizin Mainz

How to find us

Public transportation:

Bus: From the main/central station Mainz you reach us with the following bus lines to the bus station “Universitätsmedizin”:

  • 62 (from bus stop G > direction Weisenau/Friedrich-Ebert-Straße)
  • 67 (from bus stop G > direction Zornheim/Hahnheimer Straße)
  • 69 (from bus stop G > direction Hechtsheim/Messe)
  • 76 (from bus stop G > direction Laubenheim/Rüsselsheimer Allee)
  • 92 (from bus stop G > direction Weisenau/Friedrich-Ebert-Straße)
  • 652 (from bus stop R > direction Oppenheim)
  • 660 (from bus stop R > direction Alzey)

Tram: With the following lines to station "Gautor":

  • 50 (from track A > direction Hechtsheim/Bürgerhaus)
  • 52 (from track K > direction Hechtsheim/Am Schinnergraben)
  • 53 (from track K > direction Hechtsheim/Bürgerhaus)


  • to the freeway junction Mainz
  • departure "Mainz Innenstadt"
  • follow the signs to "Universitätsmedizin Mainz"
  • there are paid parking lots in the underground car park



The Institute of Medical Microbiology and Hygiene is located in the Hochhaus am Augustusplatz opposite of the car gate of the hospital.