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Vertigo Outpatient Clinic (Eye movement- and balance disorders)

The Vertigo Outpatient Clinic works on diagnosing and planning therapy options for patients with the multifaceted problem of vertigo. For these patients, a careful ascertainment of their medical history as well as neurological, neuro-opthalmological, and neuro-otological examinations are of the utmost importance. The clinical examination works to make a distinction between peripheral-labyrinth vertigo and central-vestibular vertigo. Diagnostic investigations are quite useful in helping find the correct diagnosis, although they are not always necessary. Diagnostic investigations are various, non-invasive pyschophysical and neurophysiological tests which test the functionality of the auditory nerves and their connections. These examinations are easily tolerated by elderly patients as well as patients with various functional disorders.

Neurological Polyclinic
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Dr. Holger Kuntze