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Outpatient Clinic for Neuroinfectiological Diseases

Acute infections of the central nervous system (CNS) are common diseases in the field of neurology that can be challenging to diagnose and treat. Acute infections such as bacterial meningitis are life-threatening diseases, which are usually treated first on neurological or intensive care units. Subacute to chronic neuro-infectious diseases require specialist understanding to be accurately diagnosed, as well as continuous and vigilant follow-up care. Analysis of cerebrospinal fluid is of central importance for the early diagnosis of inflammatory and especially pathogen-related neurological diseases.
In this specialized outpatient clinic, we counsel and treat patients with the following conditions:
- Neuroborreliosis (probable or confirmed neuroborreliosis)
- Infectious encephalitis
- Bacterial meningitis
- Viral meningitis



Ute Meng
Tel: +49 6131 17-7155

By arrangement, Thursday mornings

PD Dr. med. Annette Spreer
Head Research-Group for Neuroinfectiology, Senior Physician
Dr. med. Katharina Sandner
Resident Physician


The aim of our research is to improve the treatment of patients with severe neuro-infectious diseases. In our research-group (Research Group Neuroinfectiology), we work on different questions related to neurological infections, cerebral spinal fluid analysis and intensive care using different in vitro and in vivo models as well as clinical studies. Please contact us if you are interested in participating in our studies.