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The Autophagy Lab


Project Leaders

Dr. rer. nat. Kern
Andreas Kern, Dr. rer. nat.
Project: Novel factors of proteostasis and autophagy

+49 6131 39-23185

Univ.-Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Behl
Christian Behl, Univ.-Prof. Dr. rer. nat.
Project: BAG3 and Sigma-1 Receptor as modulators of selektive autophagy & autophagic plasticity

+49 6131 39-25890

Dr. rer. nat. Körschgen
Hagen Körschgen, Dr. rer. nat.
Projects: BAG3 specific sequestration of aggrephagic cargo
Proteolytic web of mammalian fertilization

+49 6131 39-29595

Acad. Director Dr. rer. nat. Clement
Albrecht Clement, Acad. Director Dr. rer. nat.
Project: The Role of RME8 in neuronal homeostasis

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Project / Science Management

Dr. rer. nat. Bekbulat
Fazilet Bekbulat, Dr. rer. nat.
Project coordinator

+49 6131 39-24552

Doctoral Students

Dipl. Biol. Christ
Maximilian Christ, Dipl. Biol.
Doctoral candidate
The Sigma-1 Receptor is a positive modulator of Autophagy and binds ATG8 proteins

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Diploma / Master Students

Technical Staff

Heike Huesmann

+49 6131 39-25922

Heike Nagel

+49 6131 39-25922

Beate Silva

+49 6131 39-26805

Staff Members

Gül Yildiz
Lab support

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+49 6131 39-24743


Univ.-Prof. Dr.Parvana Hajieva
Dr. Debapriya Chakraborty
Philip Diefenthäler
Dr. Christof Hiebel
Dr. Joanna Maus
Dr. Anna Stein
Dr. Katja Weckmann