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Research Activitites

A major research focus of Molecular Cardiovascular Pharmacology is oxidative stress in the vasculature: We investigate the role of endothelium-derived nitric oxide in vascular function, enzyme systems generating and scavenging reactive oxygen species and pharmacological approaches to reduce/revert vascular oxidative stress in vivo (Ulrich Förstermann, Huige Li, Sven Horke, and collaborators).

Projects in Molecular Pharmacology/Immunopharmacology investigate molecular mechanisms regulating the expression of inflammatory genes. This includes analyses of transcriptional mechanisms and proteins regulating the stability of specific mRNAs (Hartmut Kleinert, Andrea Pautz, and collaborators).

The Clinical Pharmacology and Pharmacogenetics Group (Leszek Wojnowski ) investigates the impact of the individual genetic makeup on response to drugs. Specifically, the Group focuses on the variable expression of cytochrome P450 3A (CYP3A) and on the genetic predisposition to drug-induced cardiotoxicity (Leszek Wojnowski and collaborators).

Biochemical and Cellular Pharmacology focus on biochemical pathways controlling amino acid levels in cells (amino acid transporters/exchangers, intracellular pathways of amino acid generation and metabolism; Ellen I. Closs, Jean-Paul Boissel, and collaborators)