Urogenital and Cardiovascular Pharmacology

Prof. Dr. Martin C. Michel's research focuses on four interlinked research areas in the field of urogenital and cardiovascular pharmacology: 

  • Translational pharmacology of the lower urinary tract, including changes in the urinary bladder in diabetes mellitus as well as various clinical studies and participation in national and international guideline group

  • Translational pharmacology of the cardiovascular system, especially cardiac changes in diabetes

  • Opportunities and limitations of non-interventional studies in different therapeutic areas

  • Technical quality and reproducibility of non-clinical data and related training strategies for young scientists.

In 2020, Prof. Dr. Martin Michel was again on the list of Highly Cited Researchers and was also elected as an honorary member of the British Pharmacological Society, the third German pharmacologist to date.



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Prof. Dr. Michel
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