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TRON and the University Medical Center Mainz establish a new joint Immunopathology Unit

TRON gGmbH and the University Medical Center Mainz of the Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz are establishing a new collaborative research group (Joint Unit) for Immunopathology.  The jointly funded unit will strengthen tissue-based immunological research in Mainz and will be located in the Institute for Pathology within the University Medical Center.

TRON is a global leader in personalized immunotherapy and as such, the analysis of tissue samples is integral to acquiring crucial diagnostic information.  The Mainz University Medical Center has many years of experience on precise pathological analyses for patient diagnostics and related research activities.  The joint financing of the new unit will further strengthen the core competencies in the area of tissue-based analyses, and consolidate Mainz’s profile as a leader in the clinical establishment of immunotherapy as a standard-of-care.

“The new Joint Unit for Immunopathology will be an important part of the research infrastructure of the Mainz University Medical Center," said the Chairman of the Scientific Board of the Mainz University Medical Center, Univ.-Prof. Dr. Ulrich Förstermann. The Chairman’s conviction is underlined with his belief that "..it will contribute significantly to a deeper understanding of the relationship between the immune system and the development and spread of cancer."

Prof. Dr. med. Ugur Sahin, founder and scientific director of TRON, stated: “TRON is delighted to co-found the Joint Unit, which is essential to building a close strategic collaboration between the strong Mainz foci of immunopathology and immunotherapy.  At the same time, by establishing reliable next-generation sequencing based clinical diagnostics, the Unit will help secure Mainz’s position as a premier site for genomics-driven personalized therapy in this fast-growing field.”

The new joint unit includes the creation of a W2 professorship, the holder of which will lead the unit in its activities and join a comprehensive pathology team at the Institute.  The University Medical Center is pleased to announce that Dr. Matthias Gaida has been appointed to this role.  Dr. Gaida’s unit will be rounded out by a team of doctoral students, a medical resident and two technical assistants. 

The remit of the new Joint Unit will include: strengthening tissue-based immunological research (via, e.g., building an immuno-monitoring unit); establishing a virtual microscopy unit for the specific analysis of immune cell infiltrates and investigation of immunological parameters in human tissue samples; engaging in immunotherapeutic research projects; monitoring clinical studies at the University Medical Center Mainz; integrating content and technology in research areas of the University Medical Center such as FZI (immunology), FTN (neurosciences), CTVB (cardiovascular research), BiomaTICS (materials research) and other externally funded groups; and participating in the curricular and extracurricular teaching of medical and dental students. In addition, the Immunopathology Unit is expected to provide courses to introduce students to the topic of immunotherapy and corresponding tissue-based examination techniques.

“One of the core tasks of the new Immunopathology Joint Unit will be to support basic scientists as well as clinical researchers from the University Medical Center and TRON with experimental models for immuno-oncological issues. Thus, we have an important interface related to the immunological research site Mainz," highlights Univ.-Prof. Dr. Wilfried Roth, Director of the Institute of Pathology.


TRON gGmbH - Institute for Translational Oncology at the University Medical Center Mainz
TRON is a leading non-profit research organization located in Mainz, Germany, pursing new diagnostics and treatments for cancer and other severe diseases with high unmet medical need. TRON was founded specifically to accelerate knowledge transfer from basic research into clinical application. With its core competencies of highly specialized technologies, TRON supports academic institutions, biotech companies and the pharmaceutical industry in the development of innovative products.  As a non-profit limited liability company (LLC) company based at the university. More information about TRON can be found at www.tron-mainz.de.


Institute for Pathology, University Medical Center Mainz
The University Medical Center of the Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz is the only medical institution offering supramaximal care in Rhineland-Palatinate, and an internationally recognized scientific location. It includes more than 60 clinics, institutes and departments that work together across disciplines. Highly specialized patient care, research and teaching form an inseparable unit at the Mainz University Medical Center. Around 3,400 students of medicine and dentistry are being trained in Mainz. With around 8,000 employees, university medicine is also one of the largest employers in the region and an important engine of growth and innovation. Further information on the Internet at www.unimedizin-mainz.de


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