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Univ.-Prof. Dr. Klaus Lieb

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The Department of Psychiatry and Psychotherapy is the main mental health institution for the city of Mainz providing basic and specialized mental health services for more than 200.000 people locally as well as throughout the state of Rhineland-Palatinate and the Rhine-Main metropolitan area. Also patients from all over Germany and foreign countries may be treated in specialized treatment programs. Our therapies are based on a multidimensional disease conceptualization and involve pharmacological, psychotherapeutic, neurophysiological and psychosocial treatment methods. Highest standard of care is achieved by the implementation of Evidence Based Medicine (EBM) as well as national and international guidelines into routine treatment. The scientific vision of the Department is hence to advance evidence-based prevention and treatment of psychiatric diseases and to strengthen resilience.

We offer inpatient treatment at one of our psychiatric wards to perform diagnostic procedures and/or start and monitor psychiatric treatment. If you are interested in our specialized diagnostic procedures and/or treatment at our Department, please contact our international office at:


University Medical Center Mainz

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Langenbeckstr. 1

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