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Outpatient clinics for Affective Disorders


Univ-Prof. Dr. med. W. Kelsch
Dr. med. F. Müller-Dahlhaus
M. Junginger
Dr. med. J. Engelmann
Dr. med. D. Herzog
Dr. med. J. Grenz

Affective disorders are among the most common psychiatric illnesses and are associated with considerable personal, social and professional restrictions for those affected, as well as for their relatives. Patients may experience recurring phases of the illness that are not always easy to treat. Many patients do not respond to standard drug or psychotherapeutic therapies despite their treatment is in accordance with current treatment guidelines. The goal of our specialized Outpatient Clinic for Affective Disorders is to support you with our expertise in the treatment of treatment-resistant depression and bipolar disorders. We offer you a second opinion and advise you on strategies for optimizing your therapy if your symptoms do not improve. We are happy to review with you neuromodulatory therapy procedures such as ketamine therapy, repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation (rTMS) or electroconvulsive therapy (ECT), which can be an effective treatment option for therapy-resistant courses of the disease. The aim of our work is to provide you with the best possible individual advice and treatment and to enable you to take part in life again with strength and vigor by considering all available treatment options.