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Outpatient Center for Sleep Disorders



Dr. med. Inka Tuin

Neurologist, Psychiatrist
Sleep medicine specialist (German Sleep Society)


Monday to Friday 8.00 a.m. - 4.00 p.m.

Phone: 06131 17-7381
Fax: 06131 17-5563



Building 207 Site Plan (Pdf-file, 1,4 MB)
Department of Psychosomatic Medicine and Psychotherapy
University Medical Centre of the Johannes Gutenberg-University Mainz
Untere Zahlbacher Str. 8
55131 Mainz

Sleep Disorder

Unhealthy sleep and sleep deprivation are linked to cardio-vascular, metabolic diseases, depression, anxiety disorders and lower life expectancy. Every 10th employee aged 35 to 65 years even suffers from severe sleep disturbances. Yet, sleep disturbances are often overlooked and underestimated.

What to expect from a consultation appointment:

During a consultation appointment in the Center for Sleep Disorders at the Clinic for Psychosomatic Medicine and Psychotherapy, patients with non-restorative sleep receive an extensive diagnostic investigation consisting of an exploration of symptoms and a full length case history interpretation of the data patients provided in a questionnaire and a sleep diary completed before the appointment.

Based on these findings all information will be discussed, recommendations will be given and a treatment plan to resolve the sleeping difficulties will be developed.

Thereby, all our patients benefit from our decades of experience in sleep medicine and from the state of the art of our University Medicine.

In our outpatient center for sleep disorder we are specialized in:

  • Chronic insomnia (difficulties with initiating and maintaining sleep)
  • Hypersomnia (chronic day sleepiness)
  • Perception disorders for sleep
  • Circadian sleep wake rhythm disorders, including shift work, jet lag etc.
  • Nighttime sleep behaviors (parasomnias), incl. sleep walking, sleep terror, nightmares, bruxism
  • Nocturnal panic attacks and nighttime eating
  • Sleep disturbances with posttraumatic stress disorder

What to bring to the consultation appointment:

  • Any previous sleep study results (if available)
  • A list of medications
  • Online-line sleep history questionnaire and sleep diary completed 72 hours prior to the consultation
  • Current insurance card

Patients with snoring and sleep related breathing disorders and Restless Legs Syndrome & Periodic Limp Movements during sleep are requested to contact the Outpatients Center for Sleep Disorder of our the ENT department.