Institute of Translational Immunology (TIM)

The Institute for Translational Immunology (TIM) was founded in 2013 at Mainz University Medical Center, as an interface between basic immunological research and applied clinical high-performance medicine. The TIM combines basic immunological research in many fields with the development and proclinical validation of new therapeutics and diagnostics, up to phase 1-3 clinical trials.

The Outpatient Clinic for Celiac Disease, Small Intestinal Disease and Autoimmunity is the only center for (complicated) celiac disease, autoimmunity and complex systemic diseases nationwide and internationally. There are close collaborations with other departments of the University Medical Center and the University of Mainz, Harvard Medical School in Boston, and numerous national and international partners.

In addition to clinical and research activities, the TIM also promotes the education of PhD students, master students, postdocs, visiting scientists, and visiting physicians in translational immunology and medicine. The TIM is basically funded by competitively acquired third-party funds and research projects.