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Outpatient Clinic for Celiac Disease, Small Intestine Diseases and Autoimmunity

Our outpatient clinic is part of the interdisciplinary Autoimmune Center and the Allergy Center Rhineland-Palatinate.

The main focus of our outpatient clinic is the diagnosis and treatment of celiac disease. This includes:

  • the clear diagnosis of celiac disease
  • the care and counseling of patients with celiac disease in follow-up, including patients with persistent complaints
  • diagnosis and treatment of autoimmune diseases frequently associated with celiac disease
  • the diagnosis or exclusion of refractory celiac disease or intestinal T-cell lymphoma
  • our counseling sessions and clinic for families affected by celiac disease and often autoimmune diseases, including risk counseling, partly in cooperation with our specialist colleagues
  • conducting clinical trials with innovative drugs for the treatment of celiac disease

We also diagnose and care for patients with non-celiac wheat sensitivity ("gluten sensitivity"), i.e. ATI sensitivity and atypical wheat allergy with abdominal symptoms but also severe general symptoms, including worsening of autoimmune and metabolic diseases, on a wheat (gluten)-containing diet with:

  • clear diagnosis and counseling
  • the implementation of clinical studies, including rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis, lupus erythemosus (in cooperation with our specialist colleagues)

We also diagnose, consult and treat, in special cases patients, with other atypical food allergies, nutrition-dependent "irritable bowel syndrome" and chronic fatigue syndrome (ME-CFS), and complex diseases.

Dear Patients,

You would like to make an appointment in our consultation hour.

In order for us to optimize this, we ask you to send us the following important information in advance, preferably by e-mail or fax.

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The Team

 Sibylle Neufang
Sibylle Neufang

Study coordinator



MD, PhD Detlef Schuppan
MD, PhD Detlef Schuppan

Head of Institute, Head of outpatient department

(+49) 06131 17-7356

(+49) 06131 17-7357
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