Visual Universitätsmedizin Mainz

Sonderforschungsbereich 1292 "Targeting converging mechanisms of inefficient immunity in tumor diseases and chronic infections" (Mainz): "Characterization and modulation of myeloid cells in hepatocellular carcinoma". Function: Principle Investigator with PD Dr. Martin Sprinzl; Project duration: 01/01/2018 - 31/12/2021.


Sonderforschungsbereich CRC SFB TR 128/2 ‚Initiating/effector versus regulatory mechanisms in Multiple Sclerosis – progress towards tackling the disease‘  (Münster/Mainz): „Impact of dietary factors on the gut-CNS-axis – implication for CNS autoimmunity“. Funktion: Principle Investigator mit PD Dr. Luisa Klotz; Universitätsklinikum Münster; Project duration: 01/07/2016 – 30/06/2020.


Sonderforschungsbereich TRR 156 'The skin as sensor and initiator of local and systemic immune responses' (Heidelberg/Tübingen/Mainz): 'Scleroderma: the role of macrophages and dendritic cells in tissue fibrosis'. Function: Principle Investigator with Prof. K. Steinbrink, Department of Dermatology; Project duration: 01/07/2015 - 30/06/2019. 


Sonderforschungsbereich, SFB 1066 ‚Nanodimensionale polymere Therapeutika für die Tumortherapie‘: “Therapie des metastasierten Melanoms durch Adressierung toleranzinduzierender M2-Makrophagen mittels therapeutischer Nanopartikel“. Funktion: Principle Investigator mit PD Dr. A. Tüttenberg, Hautklinik; Project duration: 01/10/2017 – 30/06/2021.


Schwerpunktprogramm SPP 1656; ‚Intestinal Microbiota – a microbial ecosystem at the edge between immune homeostasis and inflammation‘: “Funktionelle Konsequenzen der veränderten Darmflora durch Aufnahme von Gluten und Weizen-alpha-Amylase-Trypsin-Inhibitoren”. Funktion: Principle Investigator; Project duration: 01/06/2016 – 31/05/2019.




Applied Molecular Transport Inc.: Outline for the in vivo preclinical testing of AMT drugs in a humanized celiac disease model; Project duration: 04/2021 - 06/2022




PMT-LC: Personalized multimodal therapies for the treatment of lung Cancer; Project duration: 05/2021-04/2024




TOPAS Therapeutics: Use of tolerogenic antigen presentation in the liver to promote immunological tolerance in a mouse model of celiac disease; Project duration: 06/2019-12/2021




AiF 19924 N: 'Development of standardized assays for the determination of amylase trypsin inhibitor (ATI) activity in flours and bakery products' (Leibniz- Institut Münschen/Mainz); Project duration: 01/01/2018 - 30/06/2020.




Falk Pharma: 'A phase IIa, double-blind, randomised, placebo-controlled, dose-finding study on the efficacy and tolerability of a 6-week treatment with ZED1227 capsules vs. placebo in subjects with well-controlled celiac disease undergoing gluten challenge'; Project duration: 01/07/2018 – 31/03/2020




Horizon 2020 - PHC1-2014: 'Understanding health, aging amd disease: determinants, risk factors and pathways'; EPOS: 'Elucidating Pathways of Steatohepatitis' ; (PD Dr. Jörn Schattenberg/ Prof.Dr.Dr.D. Schuppan); Project duration: 2015-2019; additional Links




Horizon 2020: 'Liver Investigation: Testing Marker Utility in Steatohepatitis'; (PD Dr. Jörn Schattenberg/ Prof.Dr.Dr.D. Schuppan ); Project duration: 01/11/2017 - 31/10/2022




WHEATSCAN - Education and causes of wheat intolerances; Project duration: 2016- 2019; additional Links