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Kyoung-Sook Park

Kyoung-Sook Park is technician at TIM since 2011. She graduated from the Academie International Stylisme (AIS) in France in 1995, after studying art at Sang-Ji University in South Korea. She worked as a designer at Stage Herail in France and as a team leader at Galaxy Orient and Sambo Arorygold in S. Korea from 1995-2000. She got her training as a research assistant in bioscience at the Dept. of Biotechnology at Yonsei University and at the Research Institute of B.I.G. Co. Ltd. in S. Korea from 2004-2007. Her current work focuses on models of liver and skin fibrosis and inflammation, and on the testing of antifibrotic agents


Recently published abstracts

1. Kim YO, Surabattula R, Park K-S, Weng S-Y, Schuppan D, A diet-induced mouse model with development of severe NASH. Hepatology 2014. In Press.

2. Kim YO, Stoll M, Weng S-Y, Park K-S, Hebich B, Heck R, Popov Y, Hamdi S, Schuppan D, Lack of Matrix metalloproteinase-8 ameliorates liver fibrosis progression and promotes fibrosis regression. Hepatology 2013;58:S580A-580A.

3. Kim YO, Stoll M, Weng S-Y, Hebich B, Resa T, Heck R, Park K-S, Biwer U, Schuppan D, Effect of matrix metalloproteinase-8 deficiency on liver fibrosis progression and regression. Journal of Hepatology 2013;58:S S457.

4. Kim YO, Stoll M, Hebich B, Park KS, Heck R, Schuppan D, Liver fibrosis progression and regression in matrix metalloproteinase-8 deficient mice. Zeitschrift für Gastroenterologie 2013;51:K172.