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Rambabu Surabattula

Rambabu Surabattula, PhD, received his master degree in Biotechnology from Periyar University (India) in 2001. After his master’s he worked for a few biotech companies in India. As an extramural, he obtained his PhD in Biotechnology from Acharya Nagarjuna University, India. Before joining TIM in 2013, he worked as a guest scientist in Qiagen Lake Constance GmbH, Germany and at the department of Biochemistry at

JGU Mainz, where he performed large-scale bioreactor syntheses. His research interests includes liver fibrosis, non-alcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH) and anti-fibrotic drug validation. He is specifically interested in developing and validating novel serum biomarkers for liver fibrosis.

Original publications

1. Surabattula R, Vejandla MP, Mallepaddi PC, Faulstich K, Polavarapu R. Simple, rapid, inexpensive platform for the diagnosis of malaria by loop mediated isothermal amplification (LAMP). Experimental Parasitology 2013; 134:333-340.

2. Mallepaddi PC, Doddipati T, Surabattula R, Poda S, Polavarapu R. Development of sensitive, inexpensive and hand-held point of care (POC) diagnostic instrumentation to detect malaria pathogens in human whole blood specimens. (Manuscript in preparation)


Recently published abstracts

1. Kim YO, Surabattula R, Park K-S, Heck R, Weng S-Y, Schuppan D. A diet induced mouse model with development of severe NASH. Hepatology 2014: 58:S1 143A-143A.