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CRISPR Genome Editing

Get enthused how CRISPR can open up new possibilities for your research!

Learn to design your own CRISPR genome editing experiment!

Get insights into industrial applications and ethical considerations!

The Workshop

In a small group of max. 25 people you will be introduced into genome editing and CRISPR-Cas9 technology. You will get an overview about how to design and generate target-specific guide RNA (gRNA), different Cas9 and gRNA formats, and transfection delivery options. The course will teach you how to evaluate the efficiency of your gene editing and additional validation steps for the most common applications.

There will be also time to discuss your personal gene editing experiment with the experienced trainers from ThermoFisher Scientific.
Check out the program: CRISPR Program (Pdf-Datei, 952,2 KB)


The Symposium

For biomedical research, CRISPR has already become an indispensable tool. Companies from the pharmaceutical and biotech sectors have already started using CRISPR to create novel therapies for so far incurable diseases. During the symposium, you will get insights into CRISPR applications in health care industry and its future perspective.

While there are many chances opened up by CRISPR also ethical questions arise. Where is the line between cure and “optimization” by genetic modification? What is to be welcomed and what to be rejected on moral grounds? What rules have to be established in order to preserve our social values?

You are invited to discuss these questions with Dr. Nikolai Münch, medical ethicist and member of the clinical ethics committee, following his opening statement on the ethical debate about genetic enhancement.

Target audience

Researchers, PhD students, and other employees from academia or industry who want to get started with CRISPR to improve their biotechnological experiments.

The Science Prize

Woman researchers – now it is your turn! Let us know why it is essential for you to get started with CRISPR-Cas9 in your research. The most convincing applicant will be awarded a 4-day hands-on CRISPR training course at the state-of-the-art training facility at ThermoFisher Scientific in Darmstadt (worth over € 2,000). Please sent your application (motivation letter, CV, list of publications) as a single pdf document  to

The prize will be awarded by frei für forschung – neue Wege in der Medizin e.V.


In preparation for the workshop, ThermoFisher as well as EMBL recommend participants to inform themselves here:

Time & Date


Check out our poster: CRISPR Genome Editing (Pdf-Datei, 3,8 MB)


The workshop and the symposium are free of charge but registration is required due to limited amount of spots.


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