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Module Course 6: FELASA EU Function A (formerly FELASA B Course)

Completion of the 5-day module course 6 is required to develop a research profile allowing independent handling of experimental animals.

The next module course 6 take place in October, 2022. Two spots are reserved for participants in the TransMed training program. During the Corona Pandemic, the theoretical part consists of a 20-hour online session via MS TEAMS that you can access and schedule yourself from 1-2 weeks before the small practical course starts.

October, 2022 in German:

  • Online theory course flexible in this week: 04.-07.10.
  • Praxis dates on: 11.-13.10. or 18.-20.10.

For all, who are not participating in the TransMed training program, please contact the  Translational Animal Research Center directly.




Ivonne Dietzel
Program Coordinator
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University Medical Center
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Tel. +49 6131 17-7631