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Leadership and Communications - What Does It Take to Be a Young Leader?

Course Description:

Often young researchers take on leadership roles early on in their career. In this online workshop you will learn about important aspects of an inspiring approach to leadership which engages you and your team members and which addresses, at the same time, current management issues. Additionally we will focus on communication skills that are essential for young leaders since they work with supervisors, employees, clients, colleagues or stakeholders, to name just a few. In this context their conversational and negotiating skills are quite vital to be able to communicate on the same level and to lead conversations into the right direction.
This workshop is designed for careers inside and outside academia equally.


  •    Leadership fundamentals: what is expected of an effective leader?
  •    How can I best leverage my personal experience to develop my own leadership style?
  •    Leaders as role models
  •    Motivation and enthusiasm as key success factors
  •    The importance of communication for effective leadership, tools and self-confident rhetoric
  •    The special importance of feedback meetings
  •    Typical categories of conversations at work and corresponding strategies:

    • Annual employee appraisals
    • Performance evaluations
    • Promotion discussions
    • Wage negotiations
    • Conflict resolution meetings and crucial conversations
    • Job interviews

  • Aspects of teambuilding and the prevention of conflicts
  • Convincing argumentation techniques
  • Objection handling and what to do if situations get tricky
  • Leading through change with confidence and authenticity

Methodology: Theoretical and practical input by the trainer, discussion of experiences and questions, working in small groups and individually 

Target audience: Biomedical doctoral candidates at a later stage and clinician scientists

Maximal number of participants: 12

Next Workshop: to be announced

Technology: Zoom
Please check that your PC meets the requirements beforehand (microphone, camera, Internet connection).

For the workshop 2 CP for transferable skills training can be credited.


Ivonne Dietzel
Program Coordinator
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