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Announcements 2022

Tumor Immunology in Breast Cancer

Prof. Dr. Marcus Schmidt (Senior) and Dr. Anne-Sophie Heimes (Junior) received the innovation award "Junior meets Senior" of the German Society of Senology for their collaboration in the field of tumor immunology in early breast cancer.

Prof. Schmidt's research group was able to show for the first time that an increased number of immune cells of the humoral immune system is associated with a more favorable prognosis in patients with early and fast-growing breast cancer (read more (Pdf , 297,4 KB)). The group's goal is to improve the survival chances of patients with breast cancer. ️

Photo (S.Radke/DGS e.V.): On the left you see the chairwoman of the society, Prof. Dr. Sara Yvonne Brucker, in the middle of the picture you see Prof. Dr. Marcus Schmidt and on the right you see Prof. Dr. Hasenburg, Director of the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, who represented Dr. Heimes at the award ceremony

Cancer-associated CRCs simply explained

Watch these videos for a brief and simple description of cancer research at our CRCs (only in German)

CRC 1292                                 CRC 1066

NEW CALL for Clinical Research Fellowship Program


Deadline: August 31, 2022

The University Medical Center Mainz (UMC) aims to promote the active initiation and participation in academia-driven clinical trials. Therefore, the UMC has established a fellowship program to increase the attractiveness of clinical research for young excellent physicians, establish career perspectives, amplify the visibility of the UMC, and ultimately translate this knowledge into advances in patient care. 

More information you will find here.