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How to get to Waldthausen

If you arrive navigator-guided by car (Im Wald 1, 55257 Budenheim), there is plenty of easy & complimentary parking opportunity in a park-like woody area in front of the closed gate to the avenue that leads to the Castle. Hotel reception for check-in is in the lobby of the Castle, ca. 150 m distance from the entrance gate to the park..

If you arrive at Frankfurt airport you can go to the underground rail station (Regionalbahnhof)  and take a local train to Mainz main station (Line S8 to direction Mainz-Wiesbaden; attention: do not take S9 to Wiesbaden as this takes another route to Wiesbaden; ticket vending machines of DB/RMV are located the underground rail station).

From Mainz main station (area F in front of the station) take the bus, line 68, direction Budenheim/Bahnhof, which makes a stop at Waldthausen.

Likewise, if you arrive from other directions at Mainz main station, take bus line 68 (see above)



Your accommodation can be booked at our conference venue, Waldthausen Castle, with the reservation form below.

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