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Wissenschaftliche Publikationen 2015

Anthonissen J, Ossendorf  C, Hock JL, Steffen CT, Goetz H, Hofmann A, Rommens PM
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Improvement of a Clinical Score for Necrotizing Fasciitis: 'Pain Out of Proportion' and High CRP Levels Aid the Diagnosis
PLOS ONE. 2015; 10 (7)

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Mattyasovszky S, Tröster S, Schmitz C Fallbeispiele AKUT-RSWT
Medical Sports Network – 2015 (3)

Mattyasovszky S, Post F
Hochleistungssport braucht Hochleistungsmedizin
Sportärztezeitung 2015 (1)

Pairon P, Ossendorf C, Kuhn S, Hofmann A, Rommens PM
Intramedullary nailing after external fixation of the femur and tibia: a review of advantages and limits

Eur J Trauma Emerg Surg (2015) 41:25-38

Rajasekaran S, Rommens P M
Editorial Focus on Pelvic and acetabular fractures

Eur J Trauma Emerg Surg 2015; 41 (1): 1-2

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2015 Jan 31;16(1)

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Liquid dextran does not increase the elution rate of different antibiotics from bone cement
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Focus on pelvis and acetabulum

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